Slack Community: Loopers Helping Loopers

Are you a new verified recruiter looking to connect with experienced Loopers? Do you have questions that an experienced Looper could answer? Or are you an experienced Looper looking to connect with other recruiters in the RecruitLoop community?

Either way, we've got you covered. Starting in December 2017, we're introducing a new program called "Loopers Helping Loopers" in our Slack community.

In the RecruitLoop Slack community, new Loopers can post questions for experienced Loopers to answer. The Looper who answers the most questions each month will receive a credit of $50 on their next invoice. Just make sure that you're posting questions and answers in the #loopers-chat channel.

We'll send you an invitation to join the Slack community as soon as you're verified. If you can't find your invite, let us know at

Happy connecting!

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