The Adobe Flash dialog box is frozen and won't let me choose 'allow' or 'deny'

There may be times when the dialog box won’t appear.  If this occurs, right click on the video pane and select ‘Settings’

It would be best to use Chrome as your browser. But if you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox, you may want to download a version update for the browser that you'd like to use. During the installation, Zone Alarm will ask you if you'd like to allow or deny the plugin and you should choose allow at this point.

To configure further, please read on.

Step 1:  Refresh the page by pressing on F5.  If the dialog box won’t show up, right click on the video playback screen and select ‘Settings’.

Step 2:  If the previous step doesn’t work, download the Adobe Flash uninstaller to your computer.  Close any open programs.

Step 3:  Run the uninstaller program

Step 4:  Reboot the computer after doing step 3

Step 5:  Check on the following page to see if the Adobe Flash Player had uninstalled;

Step 6:  Download and install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player

Step 7:  Restart your computer

Step 8:  You may want to do this as a last resort.  Go to the link below. Once you see the Adobe logo animate, right-click on Settings and Uncheck the Display Settings.

Global Setting website:

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